A Kind of Non-photo Weekly Photo (#191: 2023’02’02’W)

Because that was the suggestion


Not everyone is as photophilic as everyone else. Jenkintown Adam is among them and feels little pressure to jump into every shot. No problem, really, right? It’s begat a slew of visual themes that have revolved around the obligatory editing required to present the weekly photo.

In the Relational Divergence between individual and group, accommodating any one individual is just a part of the deal. So last week when J’Adam said, “Let’s hide!” the rest of us went with it. It was clever and funny. What was not to love? Deed done.

Benevolently dictatorial photo-editor and columnist that I am, though, the run gave plenty of time to figure out what my narrative and visual take would be. J’Adam: “Ah, that’s a good one.” Deed done.
-CtCloser (Calvinthe), “Negative split or positive splat” #dothedue

¶*Copyrighted image used without concern for infringement on the legal principle of de minimis. The author is a certified copyright specialist. ¶Text and photos (unless otherwise stated): Calvin Wang (Wäng), CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. ¶Cross-posted: (1) Facebook JRC Growlers Group Run (2023’02’02’W Run Message), (2) GGR email list, (3) Cerebruns by CtCloser. ¶This website posting: Cerebrun with added caption and image.

(See photo. CW from front left: Aaron, Jason, Candace, Adelavid, Stephen, J’Adam, Christian, Andy, EricS, CtCloser, Jim)
The Prom Pose Redux (See Cerebrun)


Cerebruns Archive


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