He Who Shall Not Be Pictured (#198: 2023’03’22’W)

• Sometimes, the harder you try… • [1 MIN READ] There’s one person who’s virtually made a running career with the club by not being around for the picture but showing up eventually to run anyway. If we stall our departure from the store, we can occasionally catch him. Sometimes we’re right and sometimes we’re … More He Who Shall Not Be Pictured (#198: 2023’03’22’W)

Things Did Not Go South, Permanently (#197: 2023’03’14’T)

• Prophets We Are Not. Thankfully. • [1¾ MIN READ] A few weeks ago, Jim joked about my effort to fix the photographic attendance record (2023’02’21’T). You can go read that Cerebrun for more details; but basically, I had x-ed Jim out from one photo because I had added him to earlier one in error. … More Things Did Not Go South, Permanently (#197: 2023’03’14’T)

Training for Broad Street Run (#196: 2023’03’07’T)

• With us Growlers • [1¼ MIN READ] Broad Street Run 2023 is rapidly approaching and many of us Growlers will be doing it (2023’04’30’U). We’ve even had had JRC team efforts in the past: Preserved on Crystal. For those runners who don’t consider themselves long distance runners, you’re probably wrong. One running author considers … More Training for Broad Street Run (#196: 2023’03’07’T)

No Attendance Taken (#194: 2023’02’22’W)

• It probably wouldn’t be accurate anyway • [1½ MIN READ] A variation of Jason and Jim (in particular the latter) showed up to run last week and cheerfully observed that he got credit for attending a previous run that he didn’t actually attend: 2023’02’01’W. The detail I noticed during that run was that when … More No Attendance Taken (#194: 2023’02’22’W)

Nonalcoholic Beer? Why? (#193: 2023’02’15’W)

• There is research-based evidence • [2 MIN READ] As mentioned regularly in this column, we Growlers like a good beer after our runs. You should know that our name comes from the popular way of transporting beer that one particular brewery writes about (What is a Growler?) with varying degrees of authority. Our Philly-area … More Nonalcoholic Beer? Why? (#193: 2023’02’15’W)

A Kind of Non-photo Weekly Photo (#191: 2023’02’02’W)

• Because that was the suggestion • [1 MIN READ] Not everyone is as photophilic as everyone else. Jenkintown Adam is among them and feels little pressure to jump into every shot. No problem, really, right? It’s begat a slew of visual themes that have revolved around the obligatory editing required to present the weekly … More A Kind of Non-photo Weekly Photo (#191: 2023’02’02’W)

Pattern Recognition (#190: 2023’01’25’W)

• Surrounding one particular run • [1½ MIN READ] The standard Sunset 5K route (going the non-standard reverse direction) set the tone for last week’s run and this Cerebrun. Sadly, a significant portion of the conversation was about the unfortunate Jenkintown double murder that took place the night before at a residence right on the … More Pattern Recognition (#190: 2023’01’25’W)

(#189 Picture)

• Featuring squid lighting • (L-R: Andy, CtCloser [way up front], Maria, Terp Adam, Aaron, Adelaide, EricS, Stephen, Jenk Adam [up front], Aly, Jenk Peter, Train Dave) Cerebruns Archive