Everyone has a philosophy of life that defines everything they are and drives everything they do.

My philosophy of life is driven by a Christian faith that has found refinement in the visible spaces of social and professional life.


Positive Amid Negative

Well, which is it? ±? On the morning when we were supposed to be on our way to AK for volunteer service work, Wife decided to do a COVID-19 home test. D-minus-3 days before, she had been en route back home from a late-developing work trip in NV and had started feeling an ache in … More Positive Amid Negative

Yes, People Actually Do That

Living as an evangelical Christian I told my physical therapist that I’d be out for a few weeks because I was going to Alaska. Hearing a bit of news like that always makes people think “cruise”; which would be fine if the team of us was actually going on a cruise. So I told my … More Yes, People Actually Do That