Information Seeking

Since this website began as a professional blog, earlier posts are about being an information specialist and the ways it still informs so much of life.


Credible Journals

“Would you give me a list of acceptable journals for doing my research?” It seems like a reasonable question to ask, but the nature of scholarly information makes it easy to answer in an unexpected way: No. It’s a problem I face every time a department goes through accreditation and asks me to provide a … More Credible Journals

Lectured by a Nobel Prize Laureate and Returning the Favor

Being a university librarian affords me some amazing opportunities. Like the chance to attend a lecture by a Nobel Prize laureate. Every year Arcadia University awards an honorary degree to 2 individuals at both our graduate and undergraduate commencement ceremonies. This year we honored Montgomery County Commissioner Val Arkoosh, M.D., and 1985 Nobel Prize laureate … More Lectured by a Nobel Prize Laureate and Returning the Favor

Gender Tendencies

I developed insomnia 4:00 one morning and never did fall back asleep. After an hour lying there, I decided to go for a run. This was actually a perfect plan because I was due for a one and hadn’t gotten one in the night before as I’d hoped. It was a little after 6 a.m. … More Gender Tendencies

Dualism and Gradations

A few years ago I read an article about the cognitive development of the college student. It stood out to me because it described how students enter their undergraduate years with a dualistic view of the world. Through their 4 years of college, they progress through various stages that ultimately end up with them understanding … More Dualism and Gradations