Credible Journals

“Would you give me a list of acceptable journals for doing my research?” It seems like a reasonable question to ask, but the nature of scholarly information makes it easy to answer in an unexpected way: No. It’s a problem I face every time a department goes through accreditation and asks me to provide a … More Credible Journals

Lectured by a Nobel Prize Laureate and Returning the Favor

Being a university librarian affords me some amazing opportunities. Like the chance to attend a lecture by a Nobel Prize laureate. Every year Arcadia University awards an honorary degree to 2 individuals at both our graduate and undergraduate commencement ceremonies. This year we honored Montgomery County Commissioner Val Arkoosh, M.D., and 1985 Nobel Prize laureate … More Lectured by a Nobel Prize Laureate and Returning the Favor

The Official Calvin Wang Fan Club

My father was a mechanical engineer and my mother continues to practice fine artist. Their combination of genes certainly contributed to my success as an undergrad at the University of Chicago (where the Common Core was refined) taking physics along with Greek Thought and Literature. I’ve long been about connections—connecting across disciplinary boundaries, certainly the … More The Official Calvin Wang Fan Club

Gender Tendencies

I developed insomnia 4:00 one morning and never did fall back asleep. After an hour lying there, I decided to go for a run. This was actually a perfect plan because I was due for a one and hadn’t gotten one in the night before as I’d hoped. It was a little after 6 a.m. … More Gender Tendencies