The pages of this personal website include short-form and longer-form writing for insight to my breadth and depth. To read more in an earlier blog incarnation, see icandybywangc.blogspot.com.

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  1. A choice combination of conceptual ingredients and cogitation that results in something worth sharing with someone else” (Wang)
  2. Social redemption of the disparaging homophone “eye candy” (Eye Candy)
  3. A casual acknowledgement of the devices Steve Jobs popularized (Bryner)



Calvin H. Wang (Wäng)

From 2005-2022, I was an assistant professor and librarian to the sciences of a small liberal arts university in suburban Philadelphia where I also provided copyright consulting services. “WangC” was my username there.

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Updated: 2023’03’09’R (“‘WangC’ was my username there.”)
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