Why This and Why Now

A look back at the timing


Imposter Syndrome  At various points in my early professional life, across careers and employers, there was a decent bit of uncertainty. A phrase that materialized during those stages and that is thematic for many early professionals is “imposter syndrome.” I, like those others, was never quite certain I knew enough to do my job and was nervous those around me would find out I was faking it.

Get Over It, Already  For me, getting into my thirties changed that apprehension. I started feeling confident about figuring out not only professional life, but also everyday life. Another decade or so on, I was now sharing what I had been figuring out and discovering that I had enough of a unique take on a good bit of it that people appreciated hearing.

Put That in Writing  Doing blogging and short-form writing made it possible to refine my literary voice in the contexts of professional information seeking and informal running. Doing web-based content editing as a librarian made it possible to refine my presentation style.

Would You Look at the Time  A change in work circumstances also made it possible to refine my online space by converting my professional blog to a personal website that I’ve begun populating with vigor. To quote The Rolling Stones rock band: You can’t always get what want; but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need. (Ah, yeah)


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