New Writing and a New Website

A look back at the construction process

[1 MIN READ] began as a renewed blog in 2016 (Timeline) with traditional blog-length, professional Information Seeking content. It continued in that form until 2022.

In 2018, I began publishing short-form running writing on Facebook as Cerebruns and in 2019 as Ruminations. That writing eased the process of developing a voice that I couldn’t easily accomplish with the longer-form writing.

In mid-2022, the previous iCandybyWangC blog became a fully fledged website. By the end of 2022, I completed republication and had begun co-publication of over 300 Cerebruns and Ruminations here. As of 2023, that short-form writing began appearing as individual blogposts that anyone can easily read as they appear in publication.

Beginning 2023, I also reinvigorated longer-form blogposts under Information Seeking, then also Life, Faith, Fine Watercolor (Ruby H. Wang), and steadily increasing new webpages currently under development.

Stay tuned.



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