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“Cerebruns” is a feature of Growlers Group Run‘s Weekly Run Message. It’s for sharing thoughts related to running and GGR, the native-born running club of Jenkintown Running Company.

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I started running with GGR in 2012 and began authoring the Weekly Run Message in 2018.


Pattern Recognition (#190: 2023’01’25’W)

• Surrounding one particular run • [1½ MIN READ] The standard Sunset 5K route (going the non-standard reverse direction) set the tone for last week’s run and this Cerebrun. Sadly, a significant portion of the conversation was about the unfortunate Jenkintown double murder that took place the night before at a residence right on the…

(L-R, T-B: Aaron, Jenk Adam, Terp Adam, Aly, Andy, Candace, Christian, CtCloser [Calvin], Ebony, EricH, EricS, Jason, Jim, Maria, Jenk Pete, Stephen)
Zooming one way or another

(#189 Picture)

• Featuring squid lighting • (L-R: Andy, CtCloser [way up front], Maria, Terp Adam, Aaron, Adelaide, EricS, Stephen, Jenk Adam [up front], Aly, Jenk Peter, Train Dave) Cerebruns Archive  

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Picturing a more optimistic 2023

That’s a Wrap on 2022 (#186: 12/28/2022, Weds)


The months of November and December provided plenty of opportunity for me to practice my group picture-editing skills. Uncharacteristically, people managed to miss the picture op before various runs started but still met the group during the run or at its end. Some got the details of the planned route from the store staff. A few just wung it (verb conjugations: wing, wung, wungXD) but still managed to find us. There it helped that we’ve been doing the Sunset 5K route faithfully with the onset of winter, what with its proximity to the store, good lighting, and light traffic.

As far as the picture-editing, it’s a simple effort to cut and paste the missing runner in using Microsoft Paint. With the start of 2023, let’s call those pictures redoes: chances to make the picture an accurate representation of those who attended the run that evening.

Without Adobe Photoshop to complicate the editing effort by raising the aesthetic bar unnecessarily high, it’s also an amusing effort that never fails to make me laugh.

So there you go. Goodbye, 2022. Let’s see this next year be one of greater predictability, simplicity, and levity.
-CtCloser (Calvinthe), “Negative split or positive splat” #dothedue

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(CW from back left: Jason, Jim, Aaron, Jenk Adam, Adelaide, Train Dave, CtCloser.)
The last cheesy photo edit of the year.
(Cerebrun #186)


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