Copyright Educating

Certified Specialist

Calvin H. Wang has received certifications in Copyright Leadership (2021, Copyright Laws) and Copyright Management (2016, Special Libraries Association). Guidance offered should not be construed as legal advice.


Copyright Consulting

As a copyright specialist, Calvin teaches a course in copyright and intellectual property at a small private university in suburban Philadelphia. He also developed the university’s comprehensive copyright webpages, The Copyright Desk, and provided consultation services for many years.

“Lawyers are vital for purposes of legal education, adjudication, and final authority. However, copyright issues are too pervasive and copyright lawyers too limited, both in number and in demand, for other copyright specialists not to be involved.”

“You can’t know all of copyright, nor every related concern, but you can learn about what is relevant to you.”


Copyright Presenting

Calvin has conducted seminars on copyright for various professional organizations.

“I know something about copyright and I’ve attended a lot of presentations, but that one was the best one I’ve ever been to.” -Attendee


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