Calvin H. Wang was an Assistant Professor and Sciences Librarian (2005-2022) for a small liberal university in suburban Philadelphia renowned for its study abroad program.

The son of a mechanical engineer and a fine artist, he supported scholarship across the university.


Academic Editing

It is invaluable for an academic editor to have a broad educational base, not just in secular scholarship, but also theology. Professor Wang has that kind of base through vocational training and avocational experience.

Your attention to detail combined with your breadth of in-depth knowledge across so many fields is truly impressive. Your comments are both insightful and on occasion, humorous as well. Greatly appreciated!” –Caleb T. Chow, Ph.D.


Professional Editing

It can be challenging, in particular, for scholars of non-native English-speaking descent to find an editor sensitive to their specific concerns. Professor Wang is able to negotiate the issues of language equivalence across cultures.


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