An Experimental Line of Work

Seriously? Not really.


A recent event that I wrote about (“Hello?”) was just a little bit of me being me. Apparently at least one friend saw potential for me being even more of me: “Calvin, this might be a new ministry area for you: Wrong numbers.” “You mean, ‘Hi, is this Rib Shack? No? Can I tell you about Jesus?’”

Sheila had been getting wrong-number calls for months and had started developing misgivings about answering her phone. Neither of us could say there wasn’t divine intervention that made her answer when I called or that made me stay on the line and offer sympathy when she started venting.

There might have been a different kind of serendipitous affirmation when Seth Meyers made a joke about the 2023 State of the Union Address (02’07’T: as reported by New York Times, 02’09’R): “President Biden delivered his second State of the Union address last night and spoke for 73 minutes. Which sounds like a lot, but I feel like Biden could speak for 73 minutes to a wrong number.”

I was actually only on for 16.




One thought on “An Experimental Line of Work

  1. Hmmmmmm… someone who has the same number of a pizza place (save for the area code) I get lots of late night calls from wrong number people. Many times even repeats of the same person after I redirect them. Aside from thinking how I can ‘prank’ them with going through the order process and giving some outrageous delivery time (maybe 2 days) or a ridiculous amount ($323.28 for one large) I could be doing something much more redemptive.

    In all honesty, I’m not sure I’m up for it as most of the callers have been intoxicated and generally rude (so glad not in customer service industry). On the other hand: Jesus came for the sick, not the healthy! .

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