Pattern Recognition (#190: 2023’01’25’W)

Surrounding one particular run


The standard Sunset 5K route (going the non-standard reverse direction) set the tone for last week’s run and this Cerebrun. Sadly, a significant portion of the conversation was about the unfortunate Jenkintown double murder that took place the night before at a residence right on the Growlers’ Submarine Route.

There were some numerical themes to the attendance (even if some of it was subject to a little contorting by your columnist). We enjoyed the presence of 2 2’s of Adams and Erics (Jenk and Terp, former, and H and S, latter). There were several 3’s: 3 Adam-exclusive A’s (Aaron, Aly, and Andy), 3 C’s (Candace, Christian, and CtCloser [Calvin]), 3 Eric-inclusive E’s (Ebony, EricH, and EricS), and 3 Asians (CtCloser, Maria, and Pete. Not the first time, but certainly among the few.). As far as first-initial frequency distribution, 50% of the names were initialed A-C and 38% were initialed D-M for 88% total. There was still plenty of love for the remaining 13%, Jenk Pete and Stephen.

(L-R, T-B: Aaron, Jenk Adam, Terp Adam, Aly, Andy, Candace, Christian, CtCloser [Calvin], Ebony, EricH, EricS, Jason, Jim, Maria, Jenk Pete, Stephen)
Zooming one way or another

To be clear, we did actually run live, despite COVID-19 still being active after nearly 3 years. The Zoom-themed picture is obviously a photographic gimmick. The first-initial alphabetical arrangement is something we all recognize as completely unnatural from our Zoom-themed COVID experience.

Finally, the S5K route may be the pattern for a while to come. It’s hard not to be paranoid about running past that house even if we are always primed to zoom.
-CtCloser (Calvinthe), “Negative split or positive splat” #dothedue

¶Text and photos (unless otherwise stated): Calvin Wang (Wäng), CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. ¶Cross-posted: (1) Facebook JRC Growlers Group Run (2023’01’25’W Run Message), (2) GGR email list, (3) Cerebruns by CtCloser. ¶This website posting: Cerebrun with added caption and image.

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