Illumination Attire of Choice (#189: 2023’01’18’W)

See and be seen


The illumination gear of choice at Jenkintown Running Company’s Growlers Group Run is what I call The Squid. It’s a quasi-vest of glowing, flexible tubing (like arms of an undersea mollusk) that changes colors. It’s particularly cool when every one of those who favor it turns theirs on at the same time, intentionally or not, because they change colors in synchrony throughout the run. These little gadgets sure do generate attention, something we know because of one slowing driver who rolled down their window to comment.

We don’t all follow safety recommendations, because those who offer advice on things like that suggest both gear for being seen by drivers and for seeing the road ahead of you. The Squid doesn’t provide the latter. My illumination attire of choice is The Hardhat which I accessorize with a headlight that does provide both, even if not as coolly and body-spanningly as The Squid.

I choose The Hardhat because I’m a distinctive hat sort of guy. (In fact, cowboy hats are my signature choice when I’m not running.) JRC Keith: “And why “illumination”? Everyone else says “lighting,” We all have our thing.
-CtCloser (Calvinthe), “Negative split or positive splat” #dothedue

¶Text and photos (unless otherwise stated): Calvin Wang (Wäng), CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. ¶Cross-posted: (1) Facebook JRC Growlers Group Run (2023’01’18’W Run Message), (2) GGR email list, (3) Cerebruns by CtCloser. ¶This website posting: Cerebrun with added caption and image.

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