One Way to Improve Your Running Form (#188: 2023’01’11’W)

• Just keep at it •


I’ve had a few people comment about the ease of my running; the last being one of the Growlers, recently. They’d thought I must be a lifelong runner, when, in fact, I actually started in 2011, barely a dozen years ago. That might be a large percentage of another runner’s life, but I was just about to turn 48.

The conversation continued with the Growler asking who coached me. “No one. I just got better.” In response to their incredulity, I commented that every runner improves their form just by running. “No way,” came the doubly incredulous reply. With that response, I had to find the research article that made me say it.

Normally one to save articles I think I’ll reference again, I checked my records…and found nothing. What I went through to find it is a tale for another time; but here it is: Mechanisms for Improved Running Economy in Beginner Runners. Here’s the authors’ own conclusion: This study has demonstrated that beginner runners use a self-optimization process to develop their running gait with training.

I started shy of 50, but here’s another article for good measure: Taking Up Running After 50? It’s Never Too Late to Shine.
-CtCloser (Calvinthe), #negativesplitorpositivesplat #dothedue

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