Trained for Broad Street Run (#206: 2023’05’17’W)

With us Growlers


Broad Street Run is the largest 10-mile race in the country. And it has to be the most popular long-distance race in Philly. It is definitely popular with the Growlers, past and present. My social media apps were buzzing furiously on 04’30’U (Sunday) with notifications from those who blissfully celebrated the race’s completion, even with the rain (which started after it began and reportedly never got too miserable). The celebration shows in the faces!*

(L-R: Alex, Eric’H, Aaron, Megan)
Smiles, everyone, smiles!

What’s so great about the race is that it’s a significant, but achievable, distance for those who have done the next most common long distance, the 5K (3.1 miles). And it’s still plenty challenging for half-marathon (13.1 miles) runners and marathoners (26.2). The Growlers literally made its name as a group there in 2017. We haven’t done it as a group since then, but given the showing, maybe it’s time we did. Next up, until then: Sunset 5K, 06’06’T.
-CtCloser (Calvinthe), “Negative split or positive splat” #dothedue

*Photo credits: Alejandro Zamparini, Candace Procter, Andrew Scoles. ¶Text and photos (unless otherwise stated): Calvin Wang (Wäng), CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. ¶Cross-posted: (1) Facebook JRC Growlers Group Run (2023’05’17’W Run Message), (2) GGR email list, (3) Cerebruns by CtCloser. ¶This website posting: Cerebrun with added caption and image.


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