This Program Has Been Interrupted (#129: 4/29/2023 RUN REPORT [Intended])

By static


A glance at the Fine Print of this feature (as written by this columnist) will reveal that the SRC Run Report gets disseminated in 1 of 4 ways every week: through the Facebook group, the group website, through email, and finally (at least for the Rumination feature as submitted by this columnist) through the iCandybyWangC website.

If you are someone who’s gotten accustomed to regularly consuming it via one of the first 2 modes, you’ll have realized it didn’t appear as normal for a 3-week period beginning in April 2023. Those who consume it via email, the 3rd mode, will have seen the initial explanation for the broadcasting delay. Then came the static.

A subsequent request for information from the producer, elicited the report that the cause of the delay was being addressed.

This all brought to mind the Hollywood writers’ strike that began the week of this writing. (Note: This writer is not a member of the Writers Guild of America and is therefore not a scab.) At this stage of the strike, neither the outcome nor the timing is clear. The consuming public simply has to wait for a hasty and satisfactory outcome.

Consider the publication of this also-influential weekly collection a version of that larger, more impactful development. Hopefully, you will be reading this particular Rumination in the correctly timed Run Report during the week after the dated run. If so, hopefully that will also be the result of a hasty and satisfactory outcome.
-CtCloser (Calvinthe) “Negative Split or Positive Splat” #dothedue

¶Text by Calvin Wang (Wäng), CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. ¶Published exclusively: Ruminations by CtCloser. ¶Based on true events.


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