Focus of Ministry

The Teens of the Wrangell Mountain Bible Conference

The WMBC brings together native and non-native churches from throughout the Copper Valley.

Philadelphia’s C4 has run the teen program for all the years its been participating. With the conference ground being relatively accessible, teens pop in and out. The number of teens who participate on a given night hovers around a dozen with the number ballooning to 20 on a busy night. The number of consistent attendees ranges around 5-10.

Other ministries, like Child Evangelism Fellowship, take responsibility for the children’s program.

Because of C4’s consistent involvement, many teens and pre-teens anticipate the conference and check to confirm our return (Commitment).

The Young Adults of the Wrangell Mountain Bible Conference

Those who graduate occasionally become a part of evening and other free time. Some have joined us to become a part the week’s ministry to the teens.

Copper Center Ex-pats

Some teens have become adults and moved to Anchorage where there are more opportunities. Other teens’ families live in Anchorage and travel back to Copper Center for WMBC. As circumstances and human resources permit, C4 ministry team members have been able to socialize and disciple through various gatherings there.

Adult Friends of WMBC

Naturally, those from C4 able to return repeatedly have developed relationships with adult participants in the conference. Aside from socializing over evening meals, we try to host at least 1 more gathering when we can just continue building those relationships.


The Caribou Inn, the primary hotel in Glennallen, provides professional experiences to international students hailing from China and Mongolia, primarily. This is another group of people that we often support socially and spiritually.

(“J1” is the designation of a work visa for non-residents to the US.)


If is seems like there is no lack of opportunities to minister God’s love through Jesus Christ, you’re right.


Partners in Ministry

SEND North in Anchorage

A major driver of our ability to return year after year is the involvement of SEND North, the regional arm of SEND International. It’s SEND North that provides affordable housing for C4’s missionaries in Anchorage and transportation out to Glennallen.

The ministry team also borrows motor vehicles (for a nominal fee) to get from Anchorage’s airport and then to the interior.

In able to use all of SEND North’s services members of C4’s ministry team to AK register as short-term missionaries with them.

Cross Road Medical Center in Glennallen

Cross Road Medical Center provides our housing headquarters in the interior of AK, 4 hours drive from Anchorage. From here, it’s a 13-mile drive to Wrangell Mountain Bible Conference’s ground.

Copper Center Community Chapel

Copper Valley’s C4 organizes the WMBC. Native members and friends of the village of Copper Center first founded the WMBC circa 1951.