Running and Distance Writing

Longer-form writing about running for Jenkintown Running Company‘s The Running Board blog

Neverending Story.” Launching and maintaining a running streak. 2019’12’23’M.

Soothing the Savage Breathe, Part II.” Rhythmic breathing in practice. 2019’09’11’W.

Soothing the Savage Breathe.” Rhythmic breathing in principle. 2019’08’21’W.

It’s Time for You to Get Out of This Car.” Point-to-point training runs. 2019’07’17’W.

To Run or Not to Run. That is the Question.” Motivations when deciding on a specific run. 2019’06’28’W.

The Growlers Are, Like, Official! [Director’s Cut]Development of the logo for JRC’s running club. 2019’06’12’M. Published version.

Mindful Running, Youthful Running [Director’s Cut]What a meditative runner and young runners bring to a Wednesday night effort. 2019’04’28’U. Published version.

Negative Split or Positive Splat.” The challenge of actually running faster through a race. 2019’04’17’W.

Negative Splitting and a Spring Marathon Strategy.” Training to run the 2nd half of a workout or race faster than the 1st. 2018’04’12’R.

Fool Running: Mid-life Crisis.” A fool starting a running “career” (and a couple of other practices). 2018’02’15’R. [Listed here with revised title]


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