The Guest House of mission organization SEND North features affordable rental units for SEND North’s transitioning missionaries. From the Guest House, C4’s ministry team does provisioning in preparation for entering the interior where variety is lower and costs are higher.



The Willows of Cross Road Medical Center becomes our launching point once the team settles in the closest large community to our service destination. No other adequate accommodations exist closer. The rustic rental can host a score of people; plenty of space for C4’s humble teams. As far as “community,” the unincorporated “census-designated place” of Glennallen is the headquarters of numerous regional utilities and services; still, there are a mere few hundred residents.


Copper Center

The native village of Copper Center is 13 miles away from The Willows. It’s here where the Wrangell Mountain Bible Conference takes place.


Wrangell Mountain Bible Conference Ground

A tidy complex of 4 buildings, this space exists primarily for the use of the conference, though other groups regularly come in and out for ministry work in the region.