Independence Day Pre-week

Depending on availability, ministry team members either arrive early to help provision for the trip to the interior or arrive in time for the 4-hour drive to Glennallen.


Independence Day Week

The focus of our Philly C4’s annual effort is the Wrangell Mountain Bible Conference which always takes place the week of Independence Day, the 4th of July.



The conference’s activities start daily with dinner and then comprises worship and a message. Dessert and social time completes each day. The teen activities run in parallel and mirror the rest of the conference’s.


Independence Day

Like so many places around the country, the 4th of July is an important celebration for the Copper Valley. The 2 major events of the day are a parade in Glennallen and a community picnic. C4 has long participated in both.



C4’s involvement among the Ahtna began first in Anchorage in 2009. Its efforts moved to Copper Valley in 2010 with only one break in 2020 for COVID-19.

The Wrangell Mountain Bible Conference has taken place since around 1951.