With the Teens of the Wrangell Mountain Bible Conference

The WMBC brings together native and non-native churches from throughout the Copper Valley. Conference participants number 20-40 people and brings in speakers on various biblical themes often focusing on faithful living and discipleship.

Philadelphia’s C4 has run the teen program for all the years its been participating. With the conference ground being relatively accessible, teens pop in and out. The number of teens who participate on a given night hovers around a dozen with the number ballooning to 20 on a busy night. The number of consistent attendees ranges around 5-10.

Other ministries, like Child Evangelism Fellowship, take responsibility for the children’s program.

Because of C4’s consistent involvement, many teens and pre-teens anticipate the conference and check to confirm our return. Those who graduate become a part of evening and other free time.


With Anchorage Ex-pats

As teens have become adults and sometimes moved to Anchorage where there are more opportunities, a group of people has developed with whom we can socialize and that we can continue to disciple through various gatherings.


With Adult Friends of WMBC and Ministry Partners

Naturally, those from C4 able to return repeatedly have developed relationships with adult participants in the conference. Aside from socializing over evening meals, we try to host at least 1 more gathering when we can just continue building those relationships. Like so many cultures, food is important and these gatherings generally revolve around food.


With J1’s

The Caribou Inn, the primary hotel in Glennallen, provides professional experiences to international students hailing from from China and Mongolia, primarily. This is another group of people that we have often supported socially and spiritually in the past.